Have You Met Donn Peevy?

Choosing an attorney to defend you can be difficult because it does involve personal matters - often an individual wants to be sure that they can trust their lawyer and who will be defending them and their case. Therefore, it is crucial for an individual to know about the specific firm they are considering investing in. In order to give you more insight into The Peevy Firm, P.C., I will provide you with a little bit more information on the firm and my legal practices. I am a Lawrenceville criminal defense attorney in the state of Georgia, with a good reputation and familiarity to the public.

In my firm I care about the person and their case - the personal aspect of cases is a key component in my practice. I enjoy handling my individual cases in person, eliminating non-personal technical approaches for communication with a client. With my firm I make it a point to always pick up if you telephone, to talk with you in regards to your case - once more emphasizing the care my firm has for the people we defend. It is always frustrating to have to sit in a lobby for hours on end to meet with a lawyer. At The Peevy Firm, P.C., my team attempts for the individuals who visit our firm to only have to remain in the lobby for half-an-hour at maximum. I make it a point to not waste other's time and I would ask the same of my clients.

My experience legally spans further than criminal defense. In terms of the law enforcement side, I worked previously as an officer of the law, including holding the position of head of vice. With government and the lawmaking side, I had the opportunity of serving as a state Senator to Georgia. I also was able to have the opportunity of employment under Congressman Jenkins - I was employed for legislative staffing purposes. Currently I also am involved in appeals, or the petition of reversals to certain verdicts made. In terms of the specific area of defending and representing individuals in legal case, my background includes that I am part of a 2nd generation group of lawyers, and before I worked as a criminal defense attorney, I was a prosecutor. Since I do have prosecuting experience that gives me a slight edge in that I can understand and defend a case from every angle - I am relentless in court.

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