Robbery Defense Attorney in Lawrenceville

Types of Robbery Charges

Unlike popular belief, there is a difference between robbery and burglary. Robbery occurs when a person steals another person’s property, whereas burglary is specifically inclusive of the crimes that involve an individual going into the premises of another individual's home or residency with intent to steal or commit another felony. Robbery, unlike armed robbery, doesn't warrant being armed or carrying weaponry during the commission of the crime, but rather may use physical coercion amongst other tactics. Georgia code §16-8-40 defines robbery as the stealing of an individual's belongings through physical coercion or violence, quickly grabbing the item, or compulsion by putting the victim in a state of fear.

Arrested for robbery in Lawrenceville, GA?

The violence and use of force is what separates robbery from simple theft. A common thief does not use intimidation tactics by any means, in fact their ultimate goals is to go completely unnoticed. If the defendant was carrying a weapon during the time of the crime, the charges can be increase to aggravated robbery. This stands true even if the weapon is in fact a replica and closely resembles a deadly weapon. There are also highway robbery charges which are implemented if the crime occurred in a public place, such as mugging someone on the sidewalk or in a parking lot. There are also slang words associated with robbery, including “steaming” which refers to organized robbery that takes place in the underground train systems. “Blagging” is another slang term that explains when criminal offenders rob a bank at gun point.

What kind of penalties does robbery receive?

Though the penalties for robbery can be similar to armed robbery, the crimes can face differing punishments. For example, individuals that are found guilty in an armed robbery case can face the penalty of execution or life in prison, depending on the specifics of the case, but an individual that is found guilty in a robbery case is only subject to prison time as a penalty. Robbery in-and-of-itself is considered to be a felony crime which is punishable for 1-20 years in prison. A clever and experienced attorney however, may be able to reduce your robbery charges to a simple theft by taking charge. According to §16-8-40, If the alleged victim of the robbery is a senior citizen, over the age of 65, then the defendant will face a harsher sentence of 5-20 years. In cases of armed robbery the potential sentence starts at a minimum of 10 years in prison and goes up to 20. These charges are nothing to be taken lightly and should be combated with aggressive force.

What do I do now?

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