What is Burglary?

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Need an attorney for a burglary case in Lawrenceville? Burglary and robbery are often meshed together and assumed to be the same thing. This is not the case, whereas robbery involves stealing an individual's belongings, burglary involves breaking and entering and going into the premises of an individual's place of residency with the purpose to steal an individual's belongings. More specifically §16-7-1(a) of the Georgia code defines burglary as an individual that purposefully and illegally enters into a building, railroad, car or premises of a person's home and stays on the premises, not having permission to do so, for the purpose of committing a crime. What constitutes such a place of residency is given in §16-7-1(a). A crime similar to burglary would be criminal trespassing but is less severe and is considered to be a misdemeanor in the eyes of the law. Criminal trespassing is knowingly and unlawfully entering into the premises of someone's property even if you know it is forbidden. This type of crime is also committed when you illegally enter a person's dwelling and cause damage of no more than $500. With the necessary evidence and legal resources, a good criminal defense lawyer may be able to have your burglary charges diminished down to criminal trespassing.

How Burglary is Penalized in Lawrenceville, GA

Charged with burglary in Lawrenceville? Burglary is considered to be a felony charge and the penalties of crime of this magnitude will automatically result in some prison time, a minimum sentence of one year. When a person is convicted of enter a dwelling without legal permission with the intent to steal or commit any other felony if you are charged with a subsequent offense the punishments will significantly increase. For example, when an individual is found guilty for their first burglary offense, they can face anywhere from 1- 20 years at most incarcerated, according to §16-7-1(a). On top of jail time you could face mandatory community service or pay a fine up to $5,000. It is also important to remember that you can be charged for even attempting burglary. This means that you could have broken a window and taken a significant step towards committing a crime and were unable to complete it. Even under these circumstances you could serve at least one year behind bars.

According to §16-7-1(b) When an individual has been found guilty for a subsequent offense, following the original guilty verdict, they face the penalty of 2 years minimum and not exceeding 20 years behind bars. If the charge is made three times following the original guilty verdict, that individual can be subject to 5 years minimum and 20 maximum in incarceration. In cases of this nature, once the sentence has been imposed upon the defendant, there will be no suspensions, probation, deferment, or delay permitted for any reason. If the property was damaged in any way during the commission of the crime, you may be responsible for paying restitution for any damages as well.

What to do when charged with burglary?

If you or someone you love has been accused of a burglary crime, it is imperative that you get in contact with my firm as soon as possible. When facing a minimum jail sentence for any penalty, that is one year of your life lost. When it comes to your future and your freedom, don't take any risks. By enlisting less than adequate defense, you are putting everything on the line. Having a hard-hitting attorney to stand up for your rights and present your side of the story is absolutely crucial. At The Peevy Firm, P.C. you will find assertive legal advocacy in your time of need and we protect your best interest both inside and outside of court. My firm will do everything in their power to have your charges reduced to the minimum sentence or have them discharged if possible. So don't delay!

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