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Theft is a very broad area of crime because property can be stolen secretly, forcefully, even electronically. A simple theft charge, also referred to as larceny, is stealing to purposively take something from another individual without their permission. When depriving someone of their rightful property becomes a full time job for some, a way to make a living. As a thief however, you can only get away with it so many times, before you get caught. When you knowingly break into a building or a place of residence with intent to steal then the charges are categorized as burglary. In more severe cases when thieves become desperate, they try and take money or property by force, this is referred to as robbery. As addressed in the Georgia code §16-8, theft can be committed through many different ways. The legal consequences will differ depending on what specific crime of theft was committed.

Some of the Legal Consequences for Theft

The most basic and common form of theft is stealing from a store, or shoplifting, and if convicted there are a number of legal consequences. According to §16-6-14(b), an individual that participates in an act of shoplifting can face misdemeanor or felony charges. The legal consequences will vary depending upon how many times the individual has been found guilty of the crime and the monetary value of the property that was stolen. For example, for anyone that appropriates stolen goods from a store, taking items of $300 maximum financial worth, can face misdemeanor charges. If the defendant however, is found guilty four plus times of the same crime they will face felony charges with the penalty of a year minimum and 10 years maximum in incarceration.

According to §16-8-18, another form of theft involves carjacking or attempting to steal a motor vehicle. This is when an alleged offender gets into a car for the purpose of stealing it. With a crime of this magnitude, you would face felony charges and a one year minimum up to 5 years maximum behind bars. Although it is possible for the crime to receive misdemeanor charges depending on what the court decides. With a hard-hitting defender fighting on your behalf, your chances of reducing or dismissing your charges are far greater.

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I cannot stress enough the importance of having aggressive and experienced defense to fight in your corner. An assertive legal advocate can be your best asset in the courtroom and your choice of attorney could mean the difference between freedom and incarceration. Theft crimes cannot be underestimated! There are many other forms of theft crimes that the Georgia code addresses with legal consequences that range in severity. Need an attorney for a theft case in Lawrenceville? If you would like more information on specific theft crimes and the possible punishments associated with them, call my law firm. Or if you or a loved one is facing a theft crime allegation, contact The Peevy Firm, P.C. today!