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When an individual attempts to lure, persuade and makes suggestions to a minor for the intent of sexual means, they could be charge with the solicitation of a minor. The Georgia code §16-6-5 (a), defines the luring of minors as the crime of attempting to lure, persuade, and bringing a minor to a location for sexual means to sexually harm the child or minor that is younger than 16. More simply put, it is when someone over the age of consent attempts to arrange sexual relations with an individual below the legal age of consent. Crimes involving solicitation of a minor are taken very seriously and receive punishments varying on the severity of the crime and the age gap between the defendant and the minor.

This type of crime is extremely frustrating for the alleged offenders because they can be penalized without actually committing the “act” with a person under the age of consent. They laws have been challenged by defendants in the past, depending on the laws in their specific state. Some people have argued the case that they are not actually guilty because they were talking to an undercover cop online who is of age, but was passing themselves off as a minor. Some states however convict even if you were under the assumption that you were speaking with a minor, whether that was true or not is beside the point. Others drive home the point that they had no knowledge that the individual was a minor because age never came up in discussion. It is imperative that you talk with a criminal defense attorney in your area and find out the best defense strategy for your particular case and learn the laws regarding solicitation in your state.

Penalties for Soliciting a Minor

The solicitation of a minor is considered to be a felony offense and because it is a sexually-related offense, you could even be included in the sex offender registration. According to §16-6-6(b), an individual that is found guilty, receives the penalty of 10 years minimum to 30 years maximum in incarceration. The individual can also receive penalties under §17-10-6.2 of "split sentences", that is when the guilty individual completes a portion of their verdict or sentence in prison and the other portion out of prison.

Under §16-6-5 (c), when an alleged offender that is 18 or below 18, lures and persuades minor in the intent of sexual intentions, that is between 14 and 16, the individual faces a less severe misdemeanor charge. This means that the defendant can only be a maximum of 4 years a senior to the minor. An individual will not receive the penalties regarding "split sentences" in §17-10-6.2.

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