Lawrenceville Probation Violation Attorney

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At my firm, The Peevy Firm, P.C., I have over 30 years of experience in resolving probation violations and defending the criminally accused. If you are accused of violating the terms of your probation, you need a powerful advocate to take charge. One of the advantages my clients have is my knowledge of the system, from both sides. I formerly worked in the District Attorney's Office, and I have a great deal of knowledge and experience in criminal defense law. As you are at risk of being taken into custody immediately, it is imperative that your case is managed by a skilled and aggressive Lawrenceville criminal defense lawyer.

Defense Lawyer for Probation Violations in Lawrenceville

There are various reasons a charge could be filed against you for a probation violation, including:

  • Failing to attend a meeting with a probation officer when scheduled
  • Failing a drug test
  • Failure to pay fines within the time limits
  • Being accused of committing another offense

Some of these legal problems could be based upon an administrative error, or you may have been unable to attend a meeting due to illness, or other issue that will could allow for a fast resolution – but get me to help you get it done. Other violations are more serious, particularly if you are facing new charges while on probation. No matter what your situation is, the fact remains that your freedom could be lost. A probation violation often leads to a cancellation of probation, and the judge may require you to serve the entire jail or prison term you avoided by being on probation, with added time for the violation.

A probation officer could appear at a hearing with the judge who originally sentenced you. At this hearing, the probation officer often requests the judge to issue a warrant for your arrest. Once this warrant is issued by the judge, you can be picked up any time, any place, and taken into custody immediately. A DUI offense includes 1 year term of probation, a mandatory term for convicted DUI offenders. If you are arrested for another crime while on probation for a DUI, or other offense, you can be held in custody without bail. If you have a warrant for your arrest for a probation violation, or if you have been picked up for a violation, get a professional criminal defense lawyer on your side at once. Your freedom is important. Your rights must be protected.

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