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Being in the business of drugs, such as distributing, making, and exchanging drugs for money is considered drug trafficking. The trafficking of drugs is a grave crime, with severe legal consequences. Depending upon the specific drugs which are being trafficked the penalties will differ.

Drug Trafficking Laws in Georgia

According to §16-13-31.1 of Georgia code, intentionally owning, making, distributing 28 plus grams in ecstasy and tenamfetamine, as well as combinations of the two drugs is a felony - this includes if the individual was exchanging drugs for some financial sum, carrying the drugs and entered Georgia with it, amongst other things. The Georgia laws on the owning, making, distributing, cocaine, marijuana, methamphetamine, as well as other substances that are against the law- this includes the carrying of the drug and entering Georgia with it, amongst other things is defined in §16-13-31, with the punishments for such crimes involving those drugs given. If found guilty of an indictment of this nature, the individual faces a felony charge.


§16-13-31.1(1-3) notes that when the drug is of an amount of 28 minimum and 200 maximum grams, that individual is subject to 3 years to 30 years' incarceration as well as $25,000 minimum and $250,000 maximum in financial charges. When that amount was of 200 grams minimum and 400 maximum grams the punishment is 5 years to 30 years' incarceration, including $50,000 to $250,000 in financial reparations. When that amount is of 400 plus grams, the punishment is 10 to 30 years in incarceration as well as a $100,000 minimum and $250,000 maximum in financial penalty.

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