Drug Possession with the Intent to Sell

Charged with drug possession with intent to sell in Lawrenceville?

The ownership of drugs for purposes of exchanging the drugs for some financial sum can face serious prison time if an individual is found guilty of such a crime. Possessing drugs for the purpose of exchanging them for some financial sum is considered illegal. The legal consequences for possession with the intent to sell can range in prison time and financial penalty. There are many penalties for possession with the intent to sell crimes; usually these crimes are in connection to the purchasing, allocating, making, and other such activities, involving the drug. To understand the severity and penalties that may be attributed to drug possession with the intent to sell, a couple of the laws regarding such matters are given below.

Some Georgia Laws Regarding the Crime

According to §16-13-30.2(a) drugs which individuals intentionally make, allocate and own for purposes of allocation, that are believed to be particular drugs which the government manages, known as "controlled substances", face a more severe misdemeanor charge. As noted under §16-13-30.1(e), it is also illegal for drugs to be made, allocated, and owned for the purposes of allocation among other such things and if an individual commits such a crime against §16-13-30.1 they will receive felony charges which may result in 1-10 years in incarceration as well as $25,00 0 maximum as financial penalty.

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