What is Marijuana Possession?

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The debate over the legality of marijuana is a heavily-covered topic. At this point in time though, when an individual is accused of being in ownership of the drug marijuana, the individual is guilty of marijuana possession, and it is illegal. Since it is illegal there are legal consequences associated with marijuana possession, which can include prison time.

Georgia Law on Drug Crimes - Marijuana Possession

Charged with marijuana possession in Lawrenceville? Marijuana possession, similar to the other drug crimes, is subject to a number of punishments. According to §16-13-30(j) owning, making, allocating, exchanging marijuana for some financial sum, buying and such for the purpose of allocation is illegal. The legal consequences for taking part in that form of activity is 1-10 years in incarceration, and the individual is subject to felony charges.

§16-13-31(c) details the legal consequences for owning 10 plus lbs. in marijuana , including its cultivation or distribution and other such things , based upon the amount in lbs. in the crime. Such as 10-2,000 lbs. is subject to 5 years of incarceration as well as $100,000 as financial penalty, 2,000-10,000 lbs. is given 7 years of incarceration as well as $250,000 as financial penalty and 10,000 plus lbs. can receive 15 years of incarceration as well as $1 million as financial penalty. Regardless of the amount, the individual can face prison time and financial penalty.

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Looking for an attorney for a drug crime in Lawrenceville? Receiving a charge of marijuana possession can have heavy legal consequences, because it is considered a felony. Felony charges are a great deal bigger than misdemeanor charges. You will most likely want to find a lawyer in Gwinnett or Lawrenceville to help you in your case. If you would like to know more about marijuana possession charges and how to fight those charges, call my firm.