Lawrenceville Drug Possession Attorney

Need a lawyer for drug possession in Lawrenceville?

Drug possession can be defined as the ownership of drugs. A drug possession charge doesn't necessarily address if an individual also distributes said drugs, or tries to make money and profit from drugs, but only if the individual is indicted and found guilty of owning the drugs. If there were other charges made, such as the distributing or making money from drugs, the punishment would most likely increase.

Georgia Law

According to §16-13-32.2(a) of the Georgia code, an individual that takes drugs as well as owns drugs for the purpose of taking them, as well as using instruments to farm, make, hide, taking through certain methods such as sniffing, swallowing, and injecting, amongst other things, of marijuana as well as other drugs is committing an act that is illegal. Drug possession is against the law, and will be treated as such.

Such drug crimes of ownership for purposes of taking the drugs are considered a misdemeanor charge if an individual takes part in such activities, as noted by §16-13-32.2(b). Since it is a misdemeanor charge the penalties will be smaller than if it were considered a larger crime, such as a felony. Nonetheless there are still penalties for the owning and taking of illegal drugs.

Do I need a Lawrenceville criminal defense lawyer?

In order for you to have a chance in court, it is good to consider hiring an attorney to defend you. The Peevy Firm, P.C. can provide you with a top-notch team of attorneys who are skilled in the areas of criminal defense, including drug possession indictments. Regardless of the severity of the case and the indictments, I will give my attention to your case, in order to reach a verdict. No matter how small the charges may seem, such an indictment needs to be taken seriously, and you need to consult a drug crime attorney. Looking for a lawyer for a drug crime in Lawrenceville? Contact our firm today for the aggressive defense you need!