Lawrenceville Drug Cultivation Lawyer

What is drug cultivation?

When an individual participates in growing and farming illegal drugs, such as marijuana, they have broken the law and taken part in the cultivation of drugs. The punishments for drug cultivation may include prison time as well as financial reparations - the price of the financial reparations and amount of time in prison is dependent upon how much marijuana was present.

How does Georgia address drug cultivation?

According to §16-13-31(2c) in the Georgia code, an individual that intentionally participates in cultivating, owning, making, distributing more than 10 lbs. in marijuana - including carrying and entering Georgia with it, and exchanging a financial sum for marijuana is participating in an activity that is against the law. Trafficking crimes are felonies.

Legal Consequences in Georgia for Marijuana Cultivation

Need an attorney for drug cultivation in Lawrenceville? The punishments for such a crime are dependent upon what marijuana amount was included in the crime. For example for 10-2,000 lbs., the punishment is 5 years of incarceration as well as $100,000 as financial penalty. For 2,000-10,000 lbs. in amount, the punishment is 7 years incarcerated as well as $250,000 as financial penalty. With 10,000 plus lbs. in amount, an individual can face 15 years in incarceration as well as $1 million as financial penalty, as noted in §16-13-31(2c).

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Need a lawyer for drug cultivation in Lawrenceville? After you have been indicted in a drug crime, such as in the cultivation of marijuana, what do you do? Since you can be facing prison time and financial reparations that range in severity based on the crime, it is highly recommended that an individual find a Lawrenceville criminal defense attorney right away. If you choose my firm, you can be assured that I will fight for you and aggressively defend you. Go ahead and give us a call today to find out the type of defense that we will be able to give your drug cultivation case.