Drug Crimes in Lawrenceville, Georgia

Drug Charges that My Firm Handles

Need an attorney for drug charges in Lawrenceville? At The Peevy Firm, P.C. we defend clients in a myriad of drug charges starting with the basic, drug possession, or the ownership of illegal drugs and substances. The law is stricter of drug dealers and drug cartels so it is important to obtain qualified defense for drug trafficking charges including, the purchasing and exchanging of drugs in exchange for a financial sum. Trafficking charges carry a mandatory sentence for up to 25 years in prison, without the possibility of probation.

My firm also represents clients who have been charged with growing and farming drugs, or drug cultivation. When it comes to the specific drug, marijuana, the volume of crimes in this area are so high that they have a separate marijuana possession charge. You can also be charged with ownership for the purpose of making money off of the drugs, otherwise known as possession with the intent to sell.

Each of these offenses carries serious weights and could possibly be sentenced with prison time. At my firm, we have had great success with drug crime defense and we can challenge your charges and fight to save you from years behind bars.

What are the drug schedules?

Drugs are separated into different schedules or classifications, depending on their potential for abuse, risk of dependency and medical use. According to §16-13-24, the schedules:

  • Schedule I
  • Schedule II
  • Schedule III
  • Schedule IV
  • Schedule V

The Schedules are separated based on certain aspects associated with the drug such as the likelihood and potential for abuse, misuse and exploitation. They also take into consideration the effects of the specific drug if a user was to misuse and how it could affect the individual's physical and psychological dependency. In areas of medicinal treatment they also classify drugs according to if it has been received as medicine for therapy and possible remedies.

The severity of the drugs and their effects ranges in the schedules - for example Schedule I has the most severity and danger associated with the drug, in terms of the possibility of misuse. These drugs are not considered to be medicinally beneficial and can have the most traumatic effects on the user’s mental health, whereas the drugs in Schedule V have the lowest potential for abuse and a limited risk of danger associated with them. These drugs however, still must be prescribed by a doctor or physician in order for them to be legal. Even though Schedule V drugs are available by prescription in a pharmacy, they are powerful and their use is closely regulated by the government.

Searching for a drug lawyer in Lawrenceville?

If you are caught in possession of a Schedule I controlled substance, you will be facing a felony charge, except in cases of marijuana. Possessing less than an ounce of marijuana is considered to be a misdemeanor in Georgia. In the event of a felony conviction, you are looking at the following penalties:

  • A minimum prison sentence of one year
  • Mandatory community serve
  • Steep monetary fines
  • Probation
  • Drug rehabilitation programs
  • Possibly lose your driver’s license

Lawrenceville Criminal Attorney Protecting Your Rights & Your Freedom

Have your or a loved one been charged with a drug crime in Lawrenceville? If so, it is definitely in your best interest to acquire aggressive and dedicated criminal defense. When you are going up against tough prosecution, it is vital for your own sake that you have fierce legal protection. I urge you to contact a Lawrenceville criminal lawyer from my firm today and learn how I can help you fight your drug charges. Since drug related crimes are illegal and not taken lightly, the sooner you consult a lawyer the more chance you have of obtaining a favorable outcome for your case. Contact The Peevy Firm, P.C. today for your consultation!