Under 21 DUI in Georgia

Lawrenceville DUI Attorney

Searching for a lawyer for an underage DUI case in Lawrenceville? An individual that drinks alcohol when they are below the legal drinking age of 21, have broken the law, and individuals that are inebriated and driving, but younger than the legal drinking age are guilty of an under 21 DUI. Such a crime can result in prison time, financial penalties, and more.

What are the punishments for an under 21 DUI?

It is illegal for individuals that are younger than 21, the legal drinking age, to operate a vehicle if there blood alcohol level reaches 0.02 plus grams within the 180 minutes upon when the individual drank the alcohol, according to §40-6-391(k1). As §40-6-391(k2) states that the charge an individual can face, if they are found guilty of an under 21 DUI offense , is considered misdemeanor - this applies in the first time they are found guilty of the crime, as well as if they were found guilty twice of the crime.

Need an attorney for underage DUI in Lawrenceville? If they are found guilty a total of three or more times of such an offense the charge is a more severe misdemeanor. The penalties that such crimes will receive are the same penalties of the DUI crimes that are committed and found guilty of one, two or three times, under §40-6-391(c), with some stipulations. A person can't make a statement or petition in which the admission of whether they committed the offense or not in the charge is given, referred to as "nolo contendere," if they committed such a crime when younger than 21, according to §40-6-391(k3).

Charged with an under 21 DUI in Lawrenceville?

The penalties for a person that is found guilty of an under 21 DUI aren't that much of a variation from the DUI penalties f or individuals that are over 21, yet there are some differences - and penalties for such a charge are serious. In the face of this sort of charge, you need to consider hiring an attorney to act as your criminal defense representative in court. Consult The Peevy Firm, P.C. at once.