What are Field Sobriety Tests?

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Arrested for drunk driving in Lawrenceville? When an individual gets into their car after drinking and their alcohol level is 0.08 and higher and they choose to operate their vehicle, they are breaking the law. If a police officer than pulls over that individual, they can administer the field sobriety tests to the party that they believe to be inebriated. The field sobriety test assesses the mental and physical awareness and stability of the individual and if they have been affected by alcohol. Unlike the breath & blood tests, the field sobriety tests don't involve instruments that check or monitor the alcohol level of the individual. Field sobriety tests are strictly certain actions that an individual has to complete as an assessment of their state. These tests are administered upon pulling the individual over - the person doesn't have to be taken to the station for the field sobriety test.

What is involved in a field sobriety test?

According to the law, a field sobriety test may include: the officer having the individual complete the Walk and Turn, also referred to as WAT, the Horizontal Gaze Nystagmus, also known as HCN, and the One Leg Stand, commonly called the OLS. There are other possible assessments which the officer may include as well. These tests are implemented for the purpose of testing if an individual has been impaired by alcohol.

Questions regarding field sobriety tests? We have the answers!

Charged with driving under the influence in Lawrenceville? Following an administration of a field sobriety test, you may consider consulting a Lawrenceville criminal defense lawyer about the requirements of such a test, and what your rights are in relation to a field sobriety test. My firm can answer whatever questions you may have regarding field sobriety tests and DUI laws. If such a test was not administered in a lawful manner or your rights were neglected, I can provide you with a defense team to handle such a matter.