DUI with Injury in Georgia

Lawrenceville DUI Lawyer

Searching for an attorney for a DUI case in Lawrenceville? DUI charges are difficult for the person that is charged and their loved ones. It is even harder when other individuals are then involved and affected by the DUI through an injury. Committing a DUI puts other individuals in danger, as well as the driver. DUI with injury addresses the penalties that an individual will face if they did harm another individual through operating a vehicle when intoxicated. Harming another individual because an individual was inebriated when they were operating their car is a DUI with injury crime. If an individual is found guilty, they are susceptible to prison time and felony charges.

Are the punishments of DUI with injury different from DUI?

Since DUI with injury crimes involve the harming of another individual the penalties will be different than just a DUI charge. DUI charges are serious and the penalties for such a crime range in gravity depending upon the number of times an individual was found guilty of the crime. According to Georgia code §40-6-394, if a person commits a crime that results in an individual to be psychically injured and severely hurt, they face felony charges, with the penalty of a year minimum to 15 years maximum incarceration.

How can The Peevy Firm, P.C. help?

Looking for an attorney for a DUI case in Lawrenceville? DUI with injury crimes can affect many lives, and my firm understands the hardships that a criminal case can inflict upon the accused and the accuser. I want to be able to provide you with the criminal defense to defend you and reach a verdict for you. If you would like to know more about DUI with injury indictments and the penalties that an individual can face if they are found guilty in the crime consult a Lawrenceville criminal attorney at my firm. Contact me to receive the legal assistance that you need.