DUI Penalties in Georgia

Lawrenceville DUI Lawyer

Need a lawyer for a DUI in Lawrenceville? When an individual is indicted and found guilty of a DUI charge they will receive penalties and legal consequences for committing a DUI crime. The punishments will range in severity depending upon the crime that was committed and what was involved in the DUI indictment. Depending upon how many times you have committed and been found guilty of a crime, will affect the punishment you receive. The higher the number of times you have been found guilty of an inebriated driver related charge, the more severe the punishments you will face. The number of times the individual has been found guilty will also affect if the crime is considered a misdemeanor or felony.

According to §40-6-391 of the Georgia code, the punishments for DUI crimes include many variables. The punishments include: financial penalty, time in incarceration, community service time, the fulfilling of some "DUI Alcohol or Drug Use Risk Reduction Program," as well as receiving an assessment by a hospital or physician, known as a "clinical evaluation", and time of monitoring and assessing, also called "probation." These punishments will vary in the amount of time for incarceration, community service, and probation, as well as the amount of the sum of the financial penalty, as well as in the severity based on the number of times that the individual has been found guilty of a crime against §40-6-391.

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