DUI: Breath & Blood Tests

Lawrenceville DUI Attorney

Need an attorney for a DUI in Lawrenceville? When an individual drinks and drives they have committed a dangerous act. A police officer can pull over a driver because they are suspicious of the driver's state and whether they have been impaired by alcohol. Upon pulling over a car, a police officer can issue a breath & blood test for the driver to take. A breath & blood test check the individual's alcohol level. It checks the individual's chemicals in order to find the individuals BAC (blood alcohol content). In Georgia, if an individual's BAC is at 0.08% plus upon operating a vehicle, they are guilty of drinking and driving. One instrument that is administered to an individual to check their BAC is the breathalyzer. An individual will breathe into this tool in order to check their alcohol level.

Am I required to take the breath & blood test if pulled over?

Yes, an individual that is pulled over and considered to be inebriated, are required to take a breath & blood test. Under the Georgia code, §40-5-55, an individual that was drinking and driving or caused dangers to others or collisions that have harmed or killed someone, have essentially provided their agreement to taking a breath & blood test. If an individual will not take the test, there are legal repercussions.

Do you want to learn more about breath & blood tests?

Charged with DUI in Lawrenceville? Getting pulled over can be an unsettling experience and you may not be aware of your legal rights in terms of breath & blood test administration. So if you or a loved one has received a DUI charge and was given a breath & blood test, contact a Lawrenceville criminal defense attorney to determine your rights. If you have been charged with a DUI following a breath & blood test or the breath & blood test was administered in a way that violates your rights, I will be able to assist you in your defense in court.