Georgia's 10 Day Rule for DUI Charges

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Arrested for DUI in Georgia? Make sure you get to keep your license! When a person is indicted with driving under the influence (DUI) in Georgia, they will be required to fulfill the 10 day rule. Compliance with the 10 day rule in Georgia is required and there are legal consequences and penalties for those that do not fulfill the 10 day rule. Inability or simply choosing not to complete the 10 day rule can result in your driving license being taken and not being able to be used for a period of time.

According to the law, the 10 Day Rule requires an individual to submit – within 10 days of his or her arrest – a petition to plead their case to keep their license. Otherwise, their license will be irrevocably suspended until the outcome of their DUI case is decided. Failure to present their case and make an appeal to the DMV can result in their license being taken away for a year. The specific amount of time that it is out of use may depend on the particular case and specifics of the DUI charge.

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Searching for an attorney for a DUI in Lawrenceville? The stipulations and regulations that are related to the 10 day rule can be extensive. You need to be aware of who is susceptible of the 10 day rule, and the requirements of the rule. Don't hesitate to call me to learn more about the 10 day rule and to find out if it applies to you. If you would also prefer legal assistance when presenting and petitioning your case, As a Lawrenceville DUI lawyer, I can be of help.

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