Criminal Defense FAQ

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Have you been arrested for a crime in Lawrenceville? At The Peevy Firm, P.C. we have defended against crimes of every kind and we know how to get the job done. We have over 30 years of experience and we are driven to produce results. Our lead attorney, Donn Peevy has former prosecution experience for the D.A.'s office and he has the credibility and the background to make a difference for your case. He has unique insight and extensive knowledge of criminal law and he will vigorously against your charges. When experience counts, count on us!

If you have been charged with a criminal offense you probably have a lot of unanswered questions. We can help! Here is a list of common questions that we hear at the firm, if you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact our Lawrenceville firm today!

Q: If I am innocent do I still need an attorney?
Q: What is probation and how does it work?
Q: During questioning the Police lied to me, are they allowed to do that?
Q: What if I just want to plead guilty, do I still need an attorney?
Q: If police officials want to search my car or my home, do I have to consent?

If I am innocent do I still need an attorney?

In rebuttal, are you willing to take the risk of not having an attorney? Knowing that you are innocent may give you a false confidence that you have a guaranteed protection from a guilty verdict, but unfortunately that is not the case. The law may claim that you are innocent until proven guilty but the truth is that law enforcement officials will go to great lengths to justify their arrest and rummage up all the evidence they can and twist it to make you look guilty. Innocent people are wrongly accused all the time, but this could be avoided if you have an assertive legal advocate to formulate a compelling case that proves your innocence. When it comes to your freedom and your future, don't take any risks!

What is probation and how does it work?

Probation is an extension of a criminal sentence that is permitted to be served outside of jail or prison because the person has demonstrated good behavior. In these cases, a convict may be released and allowed to serve out the remainder of their sentence released for confinement, but they must follow and abide by the terms of conditions of their probation. In a way, they are still under provision because they must report to a probation officer during this trial period. The convicted person will still be subject to certain exams and evaluation and possibly classes and community service. If they serve out their probation successfully then they may be released for court supervision and earn their freedom, if not then their probation could be suspended and they can be put back behind bars.

During questioning the Police lied to me, are they allowed to do that?

Unfortunately yes, law enforcement officials are permitted to tell you anything under the sun in attempt to pull a confession out of you. They do this in order to speed up the process and hopefully push you to say something that is incriminating and proves that you did in fact commit the crime. They can stretch the truth or make up the grandest of lies. For example, it is not uncommon for interrogators to tell you that they have witnesses and evidence to prove that you are guilty or that your accomplice has just confessed and if you confess now then the penalties will be less severe. While none of that may be true, many times it works and leads to self-incrimination. We want to remind you that you have the right to remain silent and you do not have to say anything without your attorney present.

What if I just want to plead guilty, do I still need an attorney?

Your attorney cannot tell you to plead guilty or not guilty that is completely up to you. The purpose of having a lawyer however, is to protect your rights, defend your best interests and help you to make informed decisions. An experienced defense attorney can tell you the pros and cons of a guilty or not guilty verdict and how you may be affected. They will know better than anyone the specific strengths and weaknesses in your case and can direct you to the best plan of action. If pleading guilty is wisest decision for your case, then having an attorney will be vital for future. If you simply plead guilty and pray for the best you could end up with the maximum penalty for your crime. It would be in your best interest to have a hard-hitting attorney to fight in your corner and work to have your charges reduced to the minimum penalty.

If police officials want to search my car or my home, do I have to consent?

Absolutely not, you have the right to refuse any search unless they have procured a warrant to sort through your property. As attorneys, we highly discourage granting permission for a search because then a warrant is not deemed necessary and anything that they find they can use as evidence against you. Unfortunately if you deny them access to search they poke and prod and say anything to persuade you to change your mind but you have the legal right to say no. If by chance they conduct a search illegally and did not have your permission or a warrant, then whatever they find will not be admissible as evidence in your case. If officials however, have a valid reason to believe that there are stolen goods, illegal substances or legal evidence in your vehicle, then they are legally allowed to conduct a search. This is also true if the car is stolen or it has been confiscated from you.

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