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Need a criminal lawyer in Lawrenceville? Facing criminal charges is a very frightening and unpredictable experience, you are now at the mercy of the judicial system and your entire future could be at risk. That is why you need an experienced, hard-hitting defender to stand by your side.

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Types of Criminal Charges

Below are our areas of expertise and types of criminal charges that we handle:

Armed Robbery
Stealing belongings from an individual through the means of weaponry is considered armed robbery. Armed robbery and robbery are different crimes with different punishments, but the legal consequences for both are severe.

When an individual goes onto the premises and stays on the premises of another individual's residency to steal, it is considered burglary. The penalties for burglary can include prison time - the amount of prison time that an individual could be facing is dependent upon how many times an individual has been found guilty of the offense.

Child Molestation
Harming an individual that is a minor for sexual purposes, by performing obscene and vulgar actions towards a minor is a very serious crime, with very serious penalties. An individual that committed an act of child molestation is subject to sever penalties.

Domestic Violence
Harming and abusing an individual that is the spouse of the attacker, this can also include an individual that the attacker is involved with, is the crime of domestic violence. Domestic violence is a very serious matter, and an individual that participates in such a crime with be subject to severe penalties.

Drug Crimes
Drug crimes can receive heavy legal consequences. Some of the specific areas of drug crime s and what The Peevy Firm, P.C. handles are drug possession, which is the ownership of drugs, trafficking, which includes the distribution of drugs, cultivation, the growing of drugs, marijuana possession, which is when an individual is in ownership of marijuana, and possession with the intent to sell, which is the ownership of a drug for the purpose of exchanging drugs for some financial sum.

Some of the specific aspects of a DUI indictment and what The Peevy Firm, P.C. handles include: breath & blood tests as well as field sobriety tests, which asses if an individual is inebriated, the fulfillment of the 10 day rule, the punishments for a DUI known as DUI penalties, crimes of under 21 DUI, which is when an individual that is younger than the legal drinking age was inebriated and operating a vehicle, and child endangerment, which is putting a minor in harm through operating a vehicle when inebriated.

Internet Sex Crimes
An internet sex crime is a form of sex crimes. When an individual goes on the internet for sexual purposes, such as approaching individuals that are minors for sexual means, that individual is guilty of an internet sex crime, and the penalties for an internet sex crime are serious, including prison time.

Committing an act of robbery is a serious crime. When an individual steals the belongings of another individual through physical coercion and violence, it is considered robbery, and the legal consequences for such a crime include prison time. Unlike armed robbery, weaponry is not involved.

Solicitation of a Minor
When an individual makes approaches and suggestions for sexual means to an individual that is a minor, they are guilty of the crime of solicitation of a minor. Such a crime is a severe offense and under Georgia law the penalties can include prison time.

Theft Crimes
Offenses which involve stealing are referred to as theft crimes and there are many crimes which are considered to be theft crimes. Depending upon what form of stealing was done, the legal punishments may vary. Theft crimes can be considered misdemeanor charges.

Vehicular Manslaughter
An individual that kills another individual by a car, are guilty of vehicular manslaughter. The penalties for such a crime vary in the amount prison time to be served, based upon whether the crime was committed on purpose, vengefully, or if the individual's license was currently void or repealed.

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