Case Results

The Peevy Firm, P.C. is an accomplished practice group that has 32 years of experience in the legal field and success in court. The success of a firm is evident in a firm's case results. The case results simply inform the outcome of particular cases. My firm has a great deal of successes, for example in terms of the molestation cases I have handled, my firm has yet to be defeated. I have been able to win each of my cases regarding molestation thus far. Do keep in mind that although I do have a recorded amount of success in many of my cases, we cannot promise the outcome of future cases; though this does not diminish the fact that I will fight for a verdict and successful outcome for your case.

Gwinnett Superior Court ~ Man charged with Carrying a Concealed Weapon (Felony Case) the case was dismissed on April 18, 2012.

Client was pulled over for failure to signal and not wearing a seatbelt. It was then found that there were outstanding traffic tickets. The charges were dismissed and the only needed to be $15 for the seatbelt violation.

Theft By Taking ~ Jackson County Bond Set within 3 hours after being hired

Incest/Rape ~ Gwinnett County~ After a Probable Cause gearing a Bond was set

Cell Phone/Pictures of a Minor being disturbed~ Carroll County~ Bond Set

Rape Charges/Aggravated Sexual Battery, Giving false Name, Address and Date of Birth~ Bond Set

Family Violence Petition ~ Charged with Staking ~ Revoked out on Bond

Custody Case wherein the parties never married and Father gets custody of son with special needs and child support~ Forsyth County

Custody Case wherein Father gets custody of daughters and wife pays child support~ Barrow County

33 Counts of Intent to Sell Forged Designs~ Only 10 months' probation~ Barrow County

Custody Case~ Gwinnett County~ Father Modified Custody from Mother who had sole custody and the Father had supervised visitation no overnight or holiday visitation. Now the Father has joint legal with no supervised visitation and holiday visitation.

Driving with Suspended License / Open Container/ No Insurance and Drugs. Police seized $8,000.00 in cash~ Superior Banks County~ Case dismisses and was returned $6,000.00