Attorney Donn Peevy

Career Highlights

Donn served as a Distinguished State Senator for the 48th District from 1983-1990

Donn served as Chairman of the senate Judiciary Committee and served on the Appropriations, Transportation, and Rules Committee.

Donn has spent his career serving the people of Georgia, this proud tradition continues today in his law practice.

As a State Senator, Donn authored and passed significant legislation benefitting the people in Georgia, among the highlights are:

A Pioneer for New Law to Benefit the People

Employment Polygraph
As Chairman of the Judiciary Committee, Donn authored and passed a bill that made it requisite for doctors and hospitals to inform patients of surgical risks and alternatives, before its enactment, Georgia was the only state wherein doctors were not required to share this information with their patients.

Repeal of Spousal Immunity
Because of Donn's leadership, abused spouses now have the right to testify against their abusers.

Child Abuse
Donn authored and passed legislation that allows the court to compel the testimony of a spouse in certain cases of sexual offenses against children.

Juvenile Justice Reform
Donn, co-authored legislation which provided for the creation of the Juvenile Justice Coordinating Council, community based services and detention alternatives for juvenile offenders.