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Along with the other counties and areas that The Peevy Firm, P.C. handles defense cases from, Walton County is included. My firm wants to make sure that the legal defense needs of the individuals living in the various counties and areas of Lawrenceville, Georgia are met. No matter what the charges are that are against you, I can provide you with an experienced and well-equipped criminal defense attorney team to defend your case.

What cases does The Peevy Firm, P.C. handle?

The Peevy Firm, P.C. handles numerous types of criminal cases. You can trust that with my firm handling your case and the charges made against you, you will receive a diligent attorney that will aggressively defend you in court. The sorts of criminal defense cases that we handle can include drug crimes and crimes that involve the owning, and growing of drugs amongst other drug-related crimes, as well as crimes that involve an individual who was operating a vehicle when they were inebriated, or DUI charges.

My firm also is able to handle and defend cases that involve the harming of another individual, including domestic violence, which is the crime of the abuse or attack of an individual on someone they are or were married to or involved with, as well as cases of vehicular manslaughter, which is the crime of an individual killing an individual by a vehicle.

I am trained and ready to defend cases that involve stealing, more specifically crimes of burglary, which involves an individual going onto the premises of an individual's home to steal, as well as crimes of robbery, which is the stealing of an individual's belongings by violence and physical coercion, and crimes that involve armed robbery, which is when an individual steals an individual's belongs through weaponry. I also am able to manage cases and charges that are considered theft crimes.

My firm is also prepared to manage sex-related criminal cases. Solicitation of a minor, crimes that involve an individual making propositions and approaches sexually towards a minor, as well as internet sex crimes, which is the crime of an individual communicating or approaching a minor on the internet for sexual purposes, and child molestation, the crime of sexually harming a minor by performing lewd and obscene actions towards a minor or performing the vulgar and obscene actions when a minor is present , are the sex-related criminal cases that my firm can handle.

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Upon being charged with a crime, trying to find an experienced and dedicated attorney that will defend you in court can be hard - The Peevy Firm, P.C. can provide you with just that, a dedicated and experienced firm in legal defense matters. Contact my firm now to learn more about the defense that we will be able to provide to you and the charges that you are facing.

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