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The Peevy Firm, P.C. has made it a priority to serve a multitude of different areas and counties within the state of Georgia. I want to be able to provide legal defense to those parties that are in need of an attorney to as many people in Lawrenceville as I can. If you have been indicted in a crime in Hall County, call today!

The Peevy Firm, P.C.'s Criminal Defense Cases

The cases that my firm handles can range from substance-related crimes, to stealing, to abuse. Whatever crime that you may have received an indictment in, my firm will be able to defend you. The specific crime cases that we do handle include sex-related crimes, such as child molestation, which is the crime of an individual sexually harming a child by performing lewd and obscene actions towards a minor or performing the vulgar and obscene actions when a minor is present, as well as internet sex crimes, which is the crime of an individual communicating with a minor or approaching them for sexual purposes, and solicitation of a minor, which is the crime of approaching and making suggestions for sexual means to a minor.

Crimes that involve stealing or theft crimes, are cases which my firm is trained to defend. Robbery cases, which is the crime of the stealing of an individual's belongings through violence, as well as the crime of armed robbery, which is the stealing of an individual's belongings through weaponry, and burglary cases, which involve an individual going onto the premises of an individual's home to steal, are some of the crimes involving stealing that we can and will defend. Drug crimes, and crimes that involve the ownership of drugs amongst other such drug-related offenses, and crimes that involve a driver who was intoxicated when they were operating their car, or DUI crimes, are the types of substance-related cases that I will defend.

Crimes that involve violence and harming another individual, such as vehicular manslaughter, which is the crime of an individual killing an individual by a vehicle, as well as the crime of purposively harming and inflicting acts of violence upon an individual that a person is or was married to or involved with, which is domestic violence, are cases that my firm is equipped to defend.

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My firm has the experience, diligence, and aggression needed to defend criminal cases in court. If you have been charged with a crime in the Hall County area, consult The Peevy Firm, P.C. I can provide you with more information on the case against you, and the penalties you may face, as well as with the legal defense that you will require.

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