Gwinnett Criminal Defense Attorney

The Peevy Firm, P.C. is a criminal defense attorney that dedicatedly and personally defends and manages the cases of individuals in the Gwinnett area, amongst other locations, that come to my firm with their criminal charges. My goal is to defend you aggressively and reach a verdict.

What Cases My Firm Will Handle in Gwinnett

If you are in the Gwinnett area and require an attorney I can provide you with criminal defense in a number of crimes. If you have been charged with a DUI crime, or some aspect of a DUI charge, you can be sure that I can and will defend such cases. Perhaps you have indicted for drug crimes - regardless of what drug crime was committed, I can provide the legal aid necessary to combat such charges. My firm handles other criminal cases other than substance-related crimes. Theft crimes involving the stealing of another individual 's belongings are handled by my firm, even more specifically we defend cases of burglary - going onto another individual's premises of residency to steal , as well as armed robbery - stealing through weaponry, and robbery - stealing another's belongings through physical coercion.

Criminal indictments that include the harming of another individual are defended by my firm as well , such as domestic violence - the attack or abuse of one spouse on another or an individual towards the person they are or were involved with, and vehicular manslaughter -killing another individual by a car. I also manage crimes that are sex-related, such as charges of internet sex crimes - offenses that are committed through the web, such as the solicitation of a minor via the internet for sexual purpose s, as well as solicitation of a minor crimes - the obscene sexual suggestions and approaches of an individual towards a minor, and child molestation indictments - the harming of a child for sexual purposes, by performing lewd and obscene actions towards a minor or performing the vulgar and obscene actions when a minor is present.

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My firm handles a wide range and variety of criminal charge cases. Whatever crime you may have been indicted in, I can defend you, and be a relentless defense representative in court. I will give my attention to your case and to reaching a verdict. To find out how my firm will be able to assist you and the defense that they will be able to provide to the charges you are facing, go ahead and contact my firm now. I am dedicated to serving the Gwinnett area in their criminal defense needs.

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