Barrow County Criminal Defense Lawyer

The Peevy Firm, P.C. has made it a point to serve several areas within the state of Georgia in Lawrenceville, in order to provide more people in various locations with legal and defense service. Barrow County is one of the locations my firm handles cases in. My firm is specifically focused on criminal defense law. My firm has chosen to defend several types of crimes, so that we can provide criminal defense to more individuals that are in need of a lawyer. So for theft crimes, or other crimes involving stealing such as robbery, the stealing of an individual's belongings with violence and physical coercion, and armed robbery more specifically, which is the stealing of an individual's belongings with weaponry, as well as burglary, the stealing of an individual's belongings upon the party going into the individual's residency, are all cases which we are trained to defend.

I am also equipped to defend cases involving crimes that involve sex, such as internet sex crimes, which are crimes of an individual sexually approaching a minor through the internet, and solicitation of a minor, which is the crime of an individual trying to persuade or make suggestions to a minor for sexual means, as well as child molestation, which is the crime of an individual sexually harming a minor , by performing lewd and obscene actions towards a minor or performing the lewd and obscene actions when a minor is present.

At The Peevy Firm, P.C., crime charges involving a DUI, which is the crime of operating a vehicle when inebriated, as well as other such substance related charges, such as drug crimes, are crime charges that my team is prepared to defend. My firm can manage cases of vehicular manslaughter, when an individual kills an individual by a vehicle not out of hate or on purpose, and cases involving the physical abuse and violence towards one spouse on the other spouse, or upon one individual that is or was involved with another individual, known as domestic violence.

If you are in Barrow County, contact my firm!

If you or a loved one has been accused or charged in a criminal offense, you can contact my firm, The Peevy Firm, P.C., in Barrow County. Contact me, and I will be able to discuss with you the charges that you are facing and the defense that my team may be able to supply you with. The legal consequences of these crimes are severe and you will want and need to have a lawyer to defend you.

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