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You may be facing criminal charges that are threatening your job, freedom, and future. With accusations that may force you to pay exorbitant fines or face jail time, it is crucial that you get an experienced lawyer from The Peevy Firm, P.C. With more than 30 years of experience as an Athens criminal defense attorney, I have successfully gotten many of my clients' charges reduced or dropped altogether. My unyielding defense strategies will prove effective for your case as well.

My experience as a D.A. prosecutor before I went into private practice gives me special insight into the tactics of the prosecution that can greatly aid your case, giving me an advantage over my competitors. In addition, I have served as State Senator and passed many beneficial laws for the people of Georgia. Martindale-Hubbell®, the respected legal ranking directory, has rated me 4.4- Distinguished, demonstrating that my firm has an esteemed position in the legal community.

City of Athens, GA

The city of Athens is located in the northern part of Georgia. As of 1991, it was consolidated with Clarke County, which means that both the county and city are under unified jurisdiction. The city is also the county seat, with a population of approximately 117,000. In regards to demographics, the city is primarily composed of White at 67%, with 26% reporting as Black, with a small percentage of other ethnicities. The median income per household is quite low, only $34,000 compared to a national median household income of approximately $53,000. About 34% of Athens-Clarke County lives in poverty, which is well above double the national average of persons below the poverty level. Less than 30% of Athens' citizens have attended college and received a Bachelor's degree.

Back in the 18th century, Athens began as a trading settlement on the banks of Cedar Shoals. In 1875, the Georgian government allowed Abraham Baldwin to build the first state-supported university, originally called Franklin College. The building of the college allowed the town to gain notoriety and attracted both merchants and inhabitants. By the time the first structure was completed, the town had grown to three homes and stores. As the university grew, so did the town. The city got its name from a benefactor who donated land to the university. He wanted the plot of land to be named "Athens" after the great Grecian center of learning.

Athens Crime Rate

Like many larger cities, Athens has a relatively high crime rate. Annually, it has about 430 violent crimes, which is about 3.6 crimes per 1,000 persons. On average, the US has about .05 violent crimes per 1,000 people. Athens averages about 5,200 property crimes, about 45 per 1,000 residents, which about double the US average of 20 crimes per 1,000 citizens. Though Athens' crimes are overall higher than the nation's average, crime statistics show that crimes are decreasing.

If you have been charged with committing a crime, whether with violence or against property, you should contact an Athens criminal defense attorney from The Peevy Firm, P.C. I defend all types of cases including theft, substance abuse, vehicular accidents, and sex crimes. My goal is to give each of my client's individualized attention and effective defense. You can rest assured that I will forcefully fight to get your charges reduced or dropped altogether.

Trust My Legal Team with Your Future

As a successful defender of clients all across Georgia, I can help you too. You may be facing serious consequences such as imprisonment, fine, and revocation of certain privileges that will affect your future. Many Georgian laws toward criminals are extremely harsh, especially toward domestic violence and sex crimes. A knowledgeable lawyer that understands Georgian laws and legal procedure is essential to ensuring that you have the legal defense you deserve.

Once you have contacted me, I will consult with you about the details of your case, and then do an investigation of my own. My legal team will thoroughly research the circumstances surrounding your charges to make sure that your rights were not violated and law enforcement used the proper protocol as they accused you. Many times police use tools, such as breathalyzers, that will often fail or misread, which can lead to wrongful accusation. Rest assured that I will painstakingly go through every piece of evidence to ensure that your rights are defended.

Don't treat your future lightly. Don't hesitate to contact an Athens criminal defense lawyer from my firm, today.

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